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Artist Statement 

Yufei Song

With the previously developed series of bringing life to obsolete objects, creating visually flowing forms, I started to focus more on the process of making. Over the past 3 years, with the influence of my traveling experience to Tibet 3 times in 2021, I integrated more of the meditation process and concept of Tibetan buddhism into my process of making. By treating each creation as the accumulation of solving small puzzles, I was able to immerse myself into the moment of now, not the future nor the past. Which surprisingly connected me even more with the past and the future.


The process of not looking too far ahead, but dwelling in the moment of now, of course brings frustration and chaos sometimes. However, the overcalculated future is not always a guarantee. I constantly remind myself that the alternative feeling between overconfidence as well as self-doubts during either my creative process or simply living matters is how life works. Alternation is what brings more excitement and flow to life, since without the downs we do not know how ups feel like.


Interestingly, the acceptance of the current moment ties me more with the past as well as the future. By completely immersing myself in the present, I was able to reconcile my past and future further. By immersing in the moment of creating each piece, I was able to re/connect my works with its past and future forms, adding more characteristic and cohesiveness into each piece. 


Exhibitions and Honors

2023 American Craft Baltimore Craft Show

Interviewed by American Craft Council Magazine

2017 Sep. issue 

2017 American Craft Baltimore Craft Show

2017 Philadelphia Museum of Art and Craft Show

2016 Philadelphia Museum of Art and Craft Show

SNAG conference Student scholarship

2nd Place SJTA Atlanta Jewelry Show in earrings division 


M.A. Savannah College of Art and Design

B.B.A. Emory University Goizueta Business


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